Maharashtrian Thali
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Maharashtrian thali consists of bharli wangi, green patal bhaji, matki usal, waran bhat, masala bhat,kurdai,lonche

  • 2 poli or 2 poori,
  • Bakarwadi or alu wadi or kothimbir wadi,
  • Vada pav or salad,
  • Dessert - choice of shrikhand or jilabi or puran poli or tup sakhar poli roll
All food cooked in olive oil. Vegetables are Chef surprise.

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BalajiFoods Bites:
Our thalis are freshly cooked and we promote to eat fresh food.

Maharashtrian thali has all spicy, sweet, salty, bitter, sour and tangy in a single plate. Maharashtrian thali from is sattvic food and provides perfect balance.