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Dahi Bhalla
Dahi Bhalla
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Dahi Bhalla is popular dish in east(dahi bara, dai bora),west(dahi vade),north(dahi bhalla) and south India(mosaru vade,thairu vada,thayir vadai and perugu vada). Often prepared for parties, weddings, festivals.

Contains Moong dal , urad dal, sev, cilantro chutney, chili powder, yogurt, tamrind chutney, green chutney and fresh coriander.

BalajiFoods Bite:

Vadas soaked in dahi/yogurt. Its mouthwatering and one bite, you get the burst of sweet-sour-spicy taste at once.

Note that these are served cold.

You have choice of low, medium and high spicy options to choose and can be entered at checkout.

Rich of protein and nutritional value and uses yogurt which is also good for your gut. Its also known as eat guilt free food.